Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Day +151 We got the results back from Anton's engraftment studies today. They look at his blood and at his skin biopsies and see how many cells are Anton's and how many are his donors. I am happy to report that Anton's blood is still 100% donor, meaning all of the cells he is making are his donors not his. At his 100 day post transplant study his skin was 13% donor and it is now 51% donor!!! That means that 51% of the DNA in Anton's skin is his donors not his. This is mind blowing!!! They do a blister test to see how long it takes to make a blister. This is a good way to see how fraigle the skin is and to see if it is getting tougher after transplant. His test before transplant and the one done at 100 days post transplant both took 6 minutes to make a blister but the test for his 6 month post transplant studies took seven and a half minutes!!! This is a HUGE deal. I knew his skin was tougher but to have lab tests to prove it is just so exciting!!! Anton's skin has changed so much! His left leg isn't wrapped at all. His chest is only wrapped a tiny bit. I can pick him up on his bare skin with gloves on and his skin stays intact. He hasn't gotten a blister in weeks, like literally NO blisters. He has only had two new tiny wounds in the past several months. I know that sounds hard to believe but I'm telling you guys this kids skin is sooo much stronger. The best way to describe it is it seems like he now has a less severe form of EB. We are so thankful that Anton had the bone marrow transplant it has changed his life so much already. All the other issues he is dealing with are just from being immune compromised. In time his body will fight off these viruses he has and then we can bust outta here :) Papa T and Wita are in town and we are so excited to get to spend some time with them. I have also gotten to have a few breaks while Wita stayed with Anton. Papt T and Wita brought us some very sweet treats from home. The Haltom City Fire Department signed a card for Anton. I was in tears reading Anton what his buddies the firefighters wrote in his card. Thank you guys! We can't wait to come back home so we can visit again!!! Then I got some fudge from Ruby's shop Fudge N More in El Paso!!! Thanks Ruby! Anton also got a sweet little play pac from her. Papa T and Wita also brought Anton a little lunch box stuffed with goodies. Anton got to see Kendall today, they did some more charting in the room and Anton showed Kendall how he can cut with his table top scissors. After dressing change Kendall came back in the room and read Anton a bed time story (cutest thing ever) then Anton read Kendall his Pete the Cat book. For about 15 minutes tonight Anton was back to being silly and had us cracking up. I can't wait until he has the energy to be silly and playful all the time again. One day at a time. I'm so thankful Dr. Tolar and his team have worked so hard to make the bone marrow transplant an option for people with EB. It isn't a cure but it is such an improvement in Anton's quality of life. They have given our family such a gift that we could never repay! Praising God for such great results thus far with transplant!!! For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. Romans 11:36 - August 25, 2015 at 12:05AM http://ift.tt/1r2lUi4

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