Thursday, August 13, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Day +140 At about 3pm Anton woke up from his nap and was feeling well enough to go into the hall to find his best friend Kendall. We found him and the other charge nurse Rich in the conference room. They both came right over to tell him Hi. He was so excited but as soon as we were done saying hi he was ready to come back to the room. We hung out and he rested until about 6pm. Anton was on oxygen just for a little bit today to see if it would help slow down his breathing. I started his dressing change around 6pm and much to my surprise Dr. Tolar came back in the room. He wanted to check on Anton since he was so sick in the morning. He stayed while I wrapped Anton's right knee, left knee, and left arm. He even helped a little :) It was neat to show him what all has changed with Anton's skin since transplant. I told him I normally just tell him all the bad stuff so I was excited to share some of the exciting things going on with Anton's skin. For the past several weeks Anton's wounds had stopped healing. He hasn't really gotten any new wounds but the ones he had would not close but I am happy to report they are all starting to close, even his right knee!!! Tolar was very happy with how Anton's skin looked. Anton finally felt well enough to go work with Kendall around 8pm so we headed out to find him. They did some charting at the nurses station which of course Anton LOVED. Then he wanted to go back to our room. Kendall stayed with him while I ran downstairs to grab my food. Anton made Kendall a picture because today was Kendall's 25 year of working here. What a neat day!!! Anton wanted Kendall to come tell him goodnight so he did and when they were saying bye Anton lost it. He cried and cried and was so sad Kendall wasn't going to be here for a few days. We put our "countdown to Kendall" chart back up so that helped a little. I love the staff at this hospital, they are all so sweet and do everything they can to make our stay here as easy as possible. - August 13, 2015 at 10:54PM

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