Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Today we had some very special visitors! Daylon came to see us with his mom and dad. Daylon has junctional EB and had his transplant 5 years ago. He is doing so good post transplant, it was so encouraging to see. Anton and Daylon hit it off and loved talking about super hero's and ninja turtles. I gave them glow sticks to use as light sabers and it was over after that, ha. Anton and Daylon wanted to fight anyone that walked by, including Dr. Tolar. At one point Daylon fell and my heart skipped a beat but he jumped up and was totally fine. His skin is so tough now. I'm very thankful they stopped by! Then Anton walked by the conference room where Kendall was having a meeting and started freaking out he was so excited. Everyone stopped what they were doing to enjoy watching Anton in all his excitement. Once Kendall's meeting was over it was time for Anton to work on the computers with him again. Anton and Kendall are great charge nurses. Today was our nurse "swiper's" birthday. Anton calls her swiper because she always swipes his stuff. So we had to have a mini party for her. I love ordering food every once in a while for the nurses. It's an easy fun way to show them we re thankful and it's fun to eat with them :) so we ordered some food and celebrated her birthday. It ended up being a really fun day even though it started out rough. - August 12, 2015 at 08:55PM

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