Saturday, January 16, 2016

Facebook update from Help Anton

I'm not sure why but the day before our kids birthday is almost as special to us as their actual birthday. There is just something so neat about the last day they will ever be a certain age. Once we brought Anton home I started taking a picture of the boys together the day before their birthday every year. I will always treasure those pictures. I kept going back and forth this year because I didn't want to take the picture without Anton in it but I still wanted to have a picture of Judah on his last day of being 5. I asked Judah if he was okay with taking the picture and he said yes. Such a hard picture for me to take but I'm thankful we did it. I asked Judah what all he wanted to do for their birthday. He wanted Anton's name on the birthday invitation, he wanted to make sure that we sing Happy Birthday to Anton and to him, and he wanted to make Anton a blue cake. Judah also made two paper chains to count down to their birthday. Today the kids helped me make Anton a cake, they decorated it and did a great job. Every year since Anton was born he has gotten a balloon bouquet for his birthday. I have kept up with doing this every since we brought him home (except for their 4th birthday, Mom fail). I ordered the boys their balloon bouquets and picked them up today. Tomorrow we will go out to Anton's graveside to take him his balloons, we will also take the cake the kids made him, and sing Happy Birthday to Judah and Anton. My heart breaks for Judah. I can't imagine what that sweet boy is going through. He lost his brother, his best friend, and his "twin". Tomorrow will be bittersweet for sure. We will celebrate both of our boys. We will love on Judah and make him feel as special as we can and our hearts will break that we are not about to do the same for Anton. - January 16, 2016 at 01:07AM

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