Saturday, January 16, 2010

37 Weeks

I just wanted to share some pictures with y'all from the last few days.
I have a lot of pregnant friends and below are just a few of them. In the gray shirt is my friend Mandy, she is delivering on Monday... next to her is Autumn, she is 36 weeks pregnant... then me, I'm delivering in a few hours!
My friend Taylore came over today and brought us some gifts. We have been friends since we were in 9th grade and she is due a few weeks after me. :)
This is my friend Calida, who is 7 months pregnant, and myself with my HUGE belly.
Jason and I had the honor of attending a very dear friends wedding tonight. Randy has been like a brother to me and it was such a joy to be there as he married his beautiful bride Vanessa.

This picture isn't that great but their wedding was BEAUTIFUL!!! It was Christ centered and God glorifying. We have been so blessed by God's faithfulness in both Randy and Vanessa's lives.
CONGRATULATIONS Randy and Vanessa Malone we love you guys very much!

Here is what we looked like for the wedding.

I am going to miss my big belly but I can't wait to meet this baby tomorrow. We will deliver tomorrow (which I guess is today) at 11am. Check the blog for updates and pictures :)