Saturday, January 16, 2010

this morning & @ the hospital...

Well, it is 9:30 in the morning and we are @ the hospital.
Below is a pic of Vanessa from this morning, now officially 37 weeks, 46 1/2 inches around (the belly) and 170 lbs.!:

(but always oh so cute)

Last family pic before we are about to grow by 1 more little one:

Vanessa, wanted to take a picture of the little baby bed (even though she said she is never gonna let go of the baby so we don't need it, HA!):

And we are here getting all prepped for the c-section in a couple of hours:

Stay tuned for much, much more...

jason d.


Billy said...

I'm so excited for the three (fixin' to be four) of you! We're gonna keep checkin' in! Keep the updates coming!

Bill Lueg said...

Beautiful baby! Great name! Great God! Congratulations!