Saturday, April 18, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

I first learned about the Etsy shop Kat and Stiina on a FB page of a family who had quadruplets (two sets of identical twins). They had pictures of the babies wrapped in blankets from Kat and Stiina and I LOVED how cute these blankets were. One of my very best friends had a baby and I just had to order one of their blankets for her new baby girl. Fast forward to the time of Anton's bone marrow transplant. I knew I wanted to do something special for him to remember his transplant date. I wanted to have a keepsake for him to always remember how special this day was in his life. I contacted the owners of Kat and Stiina and asked if there was anyway to make a blanket for Anton that had his name, the date of his BMT, and one verse that I clung to during transplant? Well things got crazy and I didn't check my email again until after transplant but they offered to make this blanket for Anton as a gift to him! I was so blown away and so thankful. We opened the package yesterday and seriously guys I was shocked. They sent Anton not only his BMT blanket but a separate blanket with his name of it, they also send Jason, Kenya, Judah, Anton, and myself the softest/ cutest bennies. We were all very excited to receive such a sweet and beautiful gift. If y'all ever need a baby shower gift you should check out their Etsy shop. Tons of super cute blankets, headband bows, and lots of other cute things! Or if you just want to get something cute for you kiddo :) Thank you guys so much for the package. We all LOVED everything and Anton has been snuggling his blankets since he opened the package! - April 18, 2015 at 02:07PM

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