Monday, April 27, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Day +32 Today was a good day! We are amazed at how confident Anton is getting with standing and getting around on his own. He played a game with Judah today and he would sit in his chair then stand up then sit and stand, he did this over and over. He is also getting really good at standing on his own. I have been having pain in my neck that shoots down my back on and off for about 2 weeks now. Today is was so bad, it hurt to do anything besides look straight ahead. I couldn't turn my head at all without awful pain. It hurt to breathe and laugh so I went to the chiropractor. Turns out I have a dislocated vertebrae in my neck. I got adjusted today and will get adjusted again tomorrow. I can move my head a little bit more tonight so hopefully after getting adjusted tomorrow I will have full range of motion. We had a clinic visit today for Anton and got to see one of our favorite people Ms. Megan. Anton slept through most of the clinic vist. Judah enjoyed playing on the tablet and receiving endless snacks from the food pantry. Anton's ANC was 0.4 so he got a dose of GCSF while we were there. I don't remember what his WBC was. We had dinner at RMH, then the kids got to learn how to make mozzarella cheese. We came back up to the room after that and watched a movie. Today was a long and fun filled day!! - April 27, 2015 at 09:38PM

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