Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Day +33 Today was a very fun day! We didn't have clinic today which was nice. I went to the chiropractor again today and feel 90% better! We spent a lot of time today cleaning and rearranging our space. They had a pizza lunch and then Delta Rae had a little concert for all of us at RMH which was so neat. The members of the band were so sweet and really enjoyed spending time with the kids. A few of them sat with us at lunch and then during the show they let the kids play on toy instruments then when they were done they let them play on their equipment. All of our kids were shy at first but then enjoyed hitting the drum :) After dinner the RMH celebrated April birthdays. Our buddy Elliott turns 6 tomorrow so we were excited to get to celebrate his birthday with him! They let each of the non-birthday kids get a toy as well and had face painting, a bubble making station, and an exciting round of musical chairs. Everyone had a blast. Then we went outside and let the kids burn off some energy after that they played in the castle. This is the the most Anton has done since transplant and he had a blast. I'm sure we will take it east the next few days to make sure he isn't over doing it but he had so much fun today!! - April 28, 2015 at 10:12PM http://ift.tt/1r2lUi4

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