Thursday, April 2, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Day +7 Well today was quite the exciting day. Today is the first day they start checking Anton's white blood cells to get a better idea of how his immune system is. His counts are amazing. His WBC (white blood count) is 2.8 which means he is still immune compromised but could fight of an infection if he got one. And his ANC (absolute nuetrophil count) was 2.2. I can't remember exactly what that is but I know it has something to do with being able to fight off infection. This is also a great number for being 7 days after transplant. If he stays about .5 for three days he can go walk around the halls of the BMT floor! Now before everyone get too excited these are GREAT numbers for 7 days post transplant but because they do a reduced intensity chemo regimen for EB those could be Anton and the donors cells. At 21 days post transplant they will do an engraftment test to see how much of the cells are Anton's and how much are donors. It is totally fine for Anton to still have some of his cells they just want enough of the donors cells growing to produce wound healing and the other results we are wanting. If the engraftment of the donors cells are too low once they test it at 21 days he will get a boost of cells in the out patient clinic. Now for the exciting news we will get released to go to the Ronald McDonald House next week if his numbers stay up!!! They would rather him heal outside of the hospital so he can rest and not be exposed to all the germs here. We are so excited about this but know things can change drastically from day to day. Overall Anton had a great day today. We played a ton and he did physical and occupational therapy. He walked in a gait trainer quite a bit today and stood up on his own at least 15 times. He also played bingo and won!!! He is seriously doing so good!!! Glory be to God! - April 02, 2015 at 09:23PM

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