Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

We have had a great day today! Anton does take a lot of meds but they are only given three times a day so it isn't as crazy as it felt last night. We went to the journey clinic today so they could draw labs and make sure we understood how to give all of his medicines. That went well and they are very happy with where his numbers are. I don't know how I got his numbers wrong yesterday but the ones I posted aren't correct. I will post all of his numbers by the dates so you can see how they have come up and now dropped. This is normal and the doctors aren't worried but I was so bummed out! I don't know how I got his numbers wrong yesterday because I always double check with the nurses before I post them :( Anyway all of that to say Anton is still doing amazing without any major side effects! We got to walk Kenya to her class this morning and Judah came to clinic with us! The boys got to do music therapy which they both loved then we came home and got to have a home cooked meal that the sweet ladies at church made for us.This afternoon was busy because a home health nurse came and showed me how to give Anton his antibiotics through his central line. After that we hung out for about an hour then went to dinner together downstairs. Today felt very normal! Praying Anton's numbers start to rise again and that he keeps flying through transplant! - April 08, 2015 at 09:01PM

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