Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Facebook update [pic] from Help Anton

Bringing a kid home after they get a BMT is kinda like bringing a new baby home from the hospital only 500 times more scary. He has meds that have to be given at the same time everyday so his body doesn't reject his transplant. He now takes 19 meds, not all of them are time sensitive. Germs are everywhere. You know the new mom making everyone wash their hands and you think "oh how cute" knowing this phase won't last long?? Well that's our reality germs are everywhere and we have to protect Anton. Only it isn't a phase for us but a total lifestyle change. And where are my nurses? I need my people to make sure I'm doing this right!!! So much pressure. Katie, and Julie we need y'all stat!!! Oh and then there's that awful moment right before you leave the hospital that you realized and later confirmed that you gave the doctors the wrong dose for your sons pain med which led to him getting FIVE times too much everyday, two times a day, for the past 22 days and now he will have to be weaned back to his normal dose very slowly because his body is now use to this new dose... Just doesn't give you the confidence that you can handle BMT without help.... And the every four hour getting Anton's vitals in the hospital that drove me nuts... Yup, I miss it. I miss having nurses and doctor be my second set of eyes to make sure Anton is okay. And yes Anton's mask is in his eye...I fixed it don't worry... So what am I doing now you might be asking yourself... I am sitting beside Anton while he sleeps listening to him breathe. What else would a new BMT Mom be doing? #helpanton #causethewave #healEB #bmt via Help Anton http://ift.tt/1y2OIiv April 07, 2015 at 10:25PM

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