Monday, November 2, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

day +219 My plan is to do a post for each day leading up to today to get you guys all caught up. For this post we are going to flash back to October 27th. I got to the hospital around 1 pm (Wita had stayed the night with Anton so Jason and I could spend some time together) and learned that discharge was actually going to happen. When you are in the hospital for over 100 days you don't get too excited about the word "discharge" until you actually get to walk out of the doors. The doctors told Anton he could get discharged but he got sad and said "but I was going to meet the Vikings". They told him he could go home after he met them so he was very happy about that! For those of you that don't know Anton and one of the charge nurses Kendall have become best friends over the past three months. Anton loves to spend time with Kendall and it is the highlight of his whole day when he gets to see him. Kendall's favorite football team is The Minnesota Vikings so over time they have become Anton's favorite team as well as our whole families. Anton LOVES talking to Kendall about the Vikings. Over the past month a few of the players have come to the hospital to do different things or meet some of the kiddos but so far Anton hadn't met any of them. Then we found out that they were coming to the hospital today to put on a Halloween party and meet the kiddos! We saw it on the calendar and came up with a plan so that Anton could meet the Vikings with his best friend Kendall. John Sullivan and Kyle Rudolph came to the BMT floor to meet the kids since most of them couldn't go downstairs. We walked out in the hall to meet them and Anton was SO excited! He was being adorable and so funny. They asked him if he liked Spider-man and Anton said "no just the vikings". Then he told them how he watched them play on Sunday and they won! Then they asked him if he thought they would beat the Bears and Anton said "yes, because you have big muscles". We were all cracking up! Sullivan asked Anton who his favorite player was and Anton pointed to him and said "probably you!" It was so much fun watching the players interact with Anton. It made my whole year seeing how happy Anton was. Anton had just gotten a new vikings cup so they signed it for him and also signed a vikings license plate for him. He snuggled with his license plate the whole rest of the day. Papa T, Jason, Kenya, and Judah got here right after we met the players so we went down the hall a little ways so that Kenya, and Judah could also meet them (the players were in another kids room). Once they came out of the room the rest of the family got to meet them, then Anton looked up and said "I would really like to go to one of your football games." They told him "oh, that's easy, we can make that happen!" They gave us tickets to this weeks game and we can't wait to go!!! It was such a joy to meet them. They weren't in a rush and seemed to love meeting the kiddos. After it was all over I really felt like we had just had a Make a Wish granted or something. It was so much fun to see how happy Anton was that him and his best friend Kendall got to meet the Vikings. Thank you to all of the Vikings players that came out today. You will probably never fully know what an impact you are having on these kids lives but I will tell you after being in the hospital for over 100 days to see my son so happy and so excited to meet y'all will be a memory I will always treasure. - November 02, 2015 at 02:10PM

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Javier Hernandez said...

I miss this little guy. Saw pictures and my eyes watered up. Hopefully soon we can chat over Hangouts. Tell Anton we wish y'all could be here for Mathias' first birthday.