Monday, November 23, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

This is the first time since transplant that Anton has been admitted to the hospital for a "normal" non-bmt related issue. It's hard to explain but this is actually a relief to me because I don't feel like it's a set back but but just a normal issue that we have been dealing with for years. For some reason, yet to be discovered, several times a year Anton's right leg will start hurting and he won't move it for several weeks. Almost every time this happens we end up in the hospital just to make sure there aren't any breaks or infections. He was admitted several times back home for this as well. He will get an MRI tomorrow to look for infection and his doctors are also coming up with a plan to treat some skin infections. If the MRI shows no infections we should be discharged within the next few days. Anton's pain is under control with the use of some pretty strong pain meds. We would much rather be outpatient but it has been fun to get to see some of our favorite doctors and nurses. The staff always goes above and beyond to make Anton's stay as fun as they can even if that means watching power rangers with him at midnight. :) I could never say enough good things about the staff on the bmt floor. They have taken time to get to know us and have made being in the hospital way more fun than it should be. :) - November 23, 2015 at 01:38PM

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