Sunday, November 29, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Busy day today. Most of the day has been spent balancing Anton's sedation meds so that he is asleep enough not to fight the vent but not so sleepy that his heart rate, and O2 drops. He also has an ultrasound of his lungs to check for fluid and there wasn't very much fluid around his lungs. We did a dressing change and it was awful. He was clearly in pain even though we gave him enough meds to knock out a horse. It took him a really long time to recover after dressing change too. His O2, heart rate , and breathing were all worse during and once we were done with his wraps. Tomorrow when we do dressing change one of the ICU doctors will be in here so they can make sure he is comfortable. The saddest thing ever is watching your child on a vent trying to cry but not being able to. He has only done this twice but both times it broke my heart. We have had a good day visiting with family, and our good friends Justin (Anton's popcorn buddy), and Barbara came to see us. A few people have asked how I'm doing and honestly I am tired (okay exhausted) but emotionally I'm feeling fine. I tend to not stress out about super major scary things that happen and then overly worry about small things that don't matter. I'm going to sleep early so this should be the last update for the night :) - November 29, 2015 at 06:43PM

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