Monday, November 9, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

I had big plans of writing lots of posts to get y'all all caught up but failed so here it is in one post. Anton was released from the hospital after being inpatient for over 100 days on Tuesday, October 27th only to be readmitted on Friday October 30th for a fever. It was 100.7 at home and 100.6 in clinic. Anything over 100.5 is an automatic admission to the hospital after bmt. I was not very happy about this but on Saturday we found out he had a blood infection. I now completely understand the 100.5 rule and totally support it. I thought it was lame at first but it makes since and I'm thankful it was in place or we wouldn't have known something was wrong. He was in the hospital from Friday, October 30th to Tuesday, November 3rd. It was a nice short stay! Once we left Anton and I were both saying "that wasn't bad, we can handle 4 days." He did go home on an IV antibiotic that he has to have 3 times a day (on top of all the other meds he takes). The first dose starts at 7 am and ends at midnight. If you know me in real life ke then you know I don't do mornings so this has been a challenge for sure! I was so excited because today was suppose to be the last day he was on it but turns out his white blood count was high so he has to be on it a but longer. And I cried... We got to go to church all together as a family on Sunday for the first time since the beginning of July. It was such a blessing to get to worship as a family. Since Anton's white blood count is high they also took blood cultures and will call if anything grows. We went to clinic today and got to see Dr. Tolar in clinic for the first time in 18 weeks (we saw him in the hospital several times). We were soooooooo excited to see him in clinic. Anton was being so cute and so funny. It was neat to watch Dr. Tolar interact with Anton. Anton had us all cracking up!!! I think that's it for now. - November 09, 2015 at 11:22PM

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