Sunday, April 5, 2009

The blog is sending out random emails???

I just got an email from our blog with a post from a few months ago I'm not sure why but if you got it too I'm sorry. It was talking about the fact that Melody and Madison would have been two months old that day. Strange huh???

Well Melody and Madison will have been in Heaven for 5 months on Saturday. It really blows my mind to think that they have been with the Lord for 5 months. I mean really think about that if you are a Christian that is something that you look forward to but can never know exactly what it will be like until we get there. But my girls are there and have been there for almost half a year. Wow praise God for that!

I'm doing a lot better if you can't already tell. Last week was hard but God is sustaining me.

So in other news Jason and I leave to go on a cruise on Thursday. I'm so excited I can't stand it. I was helping our amazing photographer Margaret Lake with a bridal show last year and I entered to win a cruise and we won. We had to go listen to a 2 hour spill about a time share that we did not buy then walked away with a cruise.

I didn't realize that I booked it for Easter weekend so I'm going to call and see if they have an Easter service on Sunday if not I'm going to see if they will let Jason do one. So please be praying for the Lord's will.

If you have ever been on a cruise please tell me what do I need to pack. I'm so worried I'm going to forget something.

Jason along with Allen and Dennis got ordained as Deacon's at our church and we are really excited about that. My husband's joy in life is to serve God and his family. We love our church and are so thankful that the Lord brought us there.

One more thing I'm sure you remember me telling you about baby Stellan well he has now been in the hospital for three weeks battling SVT which other than a really fast heart beat, I'm not exactly sure what that means but I know if he doesn't come out of it soon he will go into heart failure. So please please be praying for baby Stellan and the whole MckMama family. Check their blog for updates.

I wont update the blog while were away but as soon as we get back I will post lot's of stories and pictures. Ok maybe the next day but I will do it as quickly as I can.

P.S. Go check out the Serious Life Magazine we made in into the blog directory again :)


Janine (txmomx6) said...

A swimsuit ... or two.
Casual dresses for dinner ..... maybe one less casual for the formal dinner. They say "formal" but there will be all different levels of formalness. Just be comfortable. Jeans are usually not allowed (nor are shorts) at dinner. You could wear slacks, though.
And layer .... cruise ships get very cold, especially in the evenings!
Sun screen, hat, camera, good book, meds for motion sickness if you think you might need them.
E-mail me if you have specific questions ..... where are you going and for how long?
Have a BLAST!!!!

Asher & Noah's Mommy said...

Hi there, I stumbled upon your blog and I have to tell you that I honestly know how you feel. On August 3rd 2007, I gave birth to non viable conjoined twins, whom my husband and named Asher and Noah <3 I have a blog as well, so if you ever want to stop by and read it, please feel free. Always know that you are never alone, and although it's hard to fathom, there's someone else in the world who knows what you're going through. Feel free to message me anytime. I pray that God continues to grant you the strength to make it through it all <3 God Bless You!