Friday, October 10, 2008

Emotional and Competitive (not a good combination)

Today one of my favorite blogs My Charming Kids
had a contest to see who would be the one millionth person to visit her blog. I was so excited at first,... I was going to win this (well there wasn't really a prize but bragging rights were enough for me). So I looked to see how many people had visited her site at that point and it was still several hundred away from one million. So then I decided that I didn't care anymore and it was not worth checking back all night to see if I was the one. Well my competitive side kicked in and I thought, "I'm going to go for it." I just knew I would be up all night waiting and hoping that I was the one. So I logged in and much to my surprise I was number one million and thirty eight, "Your kidding me,... right? One million and thirty eight!" There was no way, I was that far away from being the one millionth person. I decided to take a picture though because at this point I convinced myself that being number one million and thirty eight was pretty close to the winner. I know I'm sick.

Then after thinking about it for a while I got so sad I called Jason crying,...yes crying. He was in the middle of worship practice and couldn't talk but he called me back and I told him the whole story (and yes, cried again). I'm pretty sure this is the most ridicules thing I have ever cried over. Well there was that time when I was pregnant with Kenya and I couldn't find anything to wear (even though my closet was full of clothes) so I lay on the floor and cried my eyes out. But other than that this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever cried over!

With all that said, on a more serious note, please be praying for the family of the blog that I cried over. The Mom (she refers to her self as "Mck Mama") is a little less than three weeks from delivering their fourth baby. His name is Stellan and he has an enlarged heart, the doctors have given him a 50% chance of survival after birth. They are a very sweet family and I know they would appreciate your prayers.


mandy said...

Sorry to hear you cried, loved checking their blog she is funny

Tracy said...

:) I'm sorry that it hit you so hard. I know that in the afternoon, I kept checking to see how close she was, but I had to leave around 6:00 p.m. to go to our homecoming football game with my kids. When I got home, she was several hundred over the million, but I did pick the closest time though! :) That was nice to see this morning. Don't know how that happened, but it was a nice surprise. :)
Those pregnancy hormones can definitely get the best of you sometimes. ((HUGS)) :)

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys!
Doesn't blogger now have a "follow me" or "followers" for your sidebar? You should add it...that way i can see myself when i come to your blog : )

Melissa said...

I love McMama's blog....her kids are adorable and her stories are great!! So sorry you missed by 38---so close......yet so far away!! :)

Nicole said...

Girl you totally crack me up! It is so sweet that Jason let you cry to him. I must confess though, that I myself have had a few of those, can't find anything to wear moments, in my pregnancies, too. And we look back at them and make fun of me! I love you!