Thursday, March 22, 2012

UPDATE.... Anton's IV

2:30 AM
Praise God they got the new IV in their first try! We caught the problem in time so there is only a little bit of fluid in his arm and it should be fine. He was in a much better mood the past hour and is now sound asleep. Thank you guys for praying we continue to praise our great God and savior.


1:00 AM
Anton's IV moved so now his arm is full of fluid which is not good for a person w/out EB and it's really not good for a person with EB. Please be praying they wont have a hard time getting a new IV and please pray it will stay in. They can't use tape since he has EB.


Anonymous said...

dearest Vanessa,
I learned about you from Jonah´s blog.I will follow your story from now, you are a trully wonderful person, and are doing a great thing for Anton. Sending love and prayers your way, all the way from across the Atlantic, Cyprus.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! Praying, praying!

Lilia B

Rebecca said...

God bless you for taking this little angel in and giving him the love and care he needs. We will be praying for God's healing and comfort for Anton and His strength and peace for you.

Kristi G. said...

Praying for Anton, you and the rest of the family, doctors and nurses. Thank you for taking the time to keep us *strangers* posted! Love to you all!