Saturday, March 24, 2012

Surgery is scheduled.

Anton was pretty fussy the first two days we were here, now he is pretty content. He plays with his toys and sleeps in his stroller but oh man when Daddy came in today he LIT up. He was so excited to see Jason he started yelling and pointing at him until Jason picked him up. I only thought he loved his Mommy but I am telling you he LOVES his Daddy! It was so cute to watch them playing together today!

Anton being silly.

Playing with his puppet.

Making animal noises.

snuggle fest with Daddy.

Sleeping in his stroller all snuggled up with his new love, the cow blanket from Courtney and Anita!

Courtney worked VERY hard to win him over. 

To say Courtney and Anita spoiled Anton is a grave understatement. This boy was spoiled rotten by them :)They bought him blankets, clothes, and every toy in Target. They are so sweet and have helped us out so much! They got everything I needed, have brought me food, and have watched Anton so I could have a little break to go get food. I will say it wasn't easy leaving him even if it was only a few minutes but I was so thankful to get to have just a little break and know he was in amazing hands.

Courtney and Anita are so much fun and they know how to entertain a kids for HOURS.
 I have so much to learn from them. 

 Anton is looking in the big bag of  toys from Target to see what's next ha

 Courtney and her Mom had an early flight this morning so they will be headed back home shortly. It was such a HUGE blessing to have them here. I learned so much from them in such a short amount of time and it helped give me the confidence to know I can do this, I am the Mom, and NOTHING happens at the hospital without me saying it's okay!

Sweet snuggle time with Mama.

Surgery is scheduled for 8am Monday morning. We have seen the surgeon several different times and he has done surgery on EB kids before. We met with his anesthesiologist yesterday and he is amazing! Everything I was going to ask him about and everything I was going to make sure he knew he said them all before I could. They will cut the tape off of all the leads and use mepilex, they have meditape already (EB safe tape), he knew he couldn't tape Anton's eyes in surgery and he asked tons of questions about how much Anton could open his mouth. They will have him on a sheep skin blanket during surgery to make sure it's super soft and he will have all of his bandages on except for where they will operate. They already have an EB kit in the OR because they do have several EB kids that come to Cook's for surgery.

I felt so much better after talking to them both. Please be praying for our sweet boy no parent wants their child to have to have surgery but we know this is whats best for him and he wouldn't be able to eat without having it done. 

None of this surprised God he is sovereign over all things to Him be the glory FOREVER! 
The heart of a man plans his way,  but the LORD establishes his steps. Proverbs 16:9

We love you all! 


Anonymous said...

Dear Vanessa and Antosha. Many people all over the world will think of you on Monday morning. So many people love you. I hope everything will pass ok. I pray that doctors found at last a treatment. Will pray for you.

Chandler said...

Vanessa, it brings tears to my eyes to think a Baby has to go through this. On the other,hand God is so amazing he gave doctors wisdom on how to care for him. Together you and Jason and the doctors will work together to do the will of our Father. We all will continue in prayer.

Anonymous said...

Courtney and her mom are the sweetest things for taking such good care of you and Anton during their visit. Bringing toys and blanket and generous of them. They are angels!! And you certainly couldn't get any better babysitter then them to watch your son while you got some food!! They rock!! I will be praying that Antons surgery goes smoothly!!!

- Ellen

Stephanie said...

Courtney and Anita are amazing. What a blessing to have them there! God is going to supply all your needs to care for your precious child.
Praying in TN!

crystal said...

Saying a prayer for Anton and you guys!!! Courtney and her mom are two amazing ladies. God puts people in our lives at the right moment :)

Anonymous said...

Will be thinking about Antoshka and you on Monday.
I truly hope the surgery will go well.
New York, NY

Rachelle Feinland said...

Anton is just the cutest little dude! Thank you for the update on him :) I will be praying, and especially hard Monday morning. Courtney and her mom are absolute angels! It is so wonderful how he is loved by so many!

Anonymous said...

Vanessa and Anton,
sending prayers your way, all the way from Cyprus, Europe. Anton, you have a wonderful mommy, an angel here on earth to look after you and make sure everything goes smoothly during your stay in the hospital. Vanessa, hang in there, it is all for the best. Anton will be a totally different boy when he can get the nutrition he needs. Bless you all. You are inspiring.

Annalien said...

I just want to send you lots of love! I will be praying for Anton and for you.

You are such an inspiration to me - the way you whether storm after storm, your selfless love, your dedication to God. May the Lord bless you and your family.