Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Patrice's Time With Anton & Post-Surgery Update

Patrice did a "short and sweet" post talking about her time here with Anton. It includes updates after the successful surgery and some great pics she took. Here are just two to tease you:


Anonymous said...

Dear Vanessa , Antosha! happy to read some good news. it is amazing to see smiling Antosha , i am releived. i thought of you both yesterday. i think it is very important that you, Vanessa, are smiling on the pix. your positive thinking and optimism are important for Antosha. Now he will eat well. pray for doctors wisdom to find a treatment. So many people search for way to help. kiss you both. oksana.

Anonymous said...

dearest Vanessa,
I am so so happy everything went well for sweet, adorable Anton. And I am so so happy that Patrice, another truly wonderful person, was there to help you. Sending love and prayers your way, from across the ATlantic
Christiana, cyprus

Anonymous said...

So glad Antosha is doing better. Patrice's post was wonderful. The first picture you put in this post is priceless. SO good to see him smile. I am sure he will be smiling much more often very soon, when your whole family gets reunited at home. Keep us posted on his eating. Thinking and praying for your guys. -MI

Anonymous said...

Vanessa, you are a wonderful Mom! Thank you for everything you've done for Antosha! May God bless you and all your family! I'm wishing you to get home soon to reunite with your kids!

Rachelle Feinland said...

I loved the pics! That little Anton is so photogenic! Also I think you and Patrice may have the next fashion trend going on there :) Y'all are constantly in my thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Dear Vanessa, thank you for good news! It's so wonderfull to see how Anton smile and how he love you and Daddy!
I find your blog, when I had know, that you adopt Anton. I read it day and night (with dictionary because my English isn't good)))) from beginning in July 15, 2008. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I cry but always I admire of your family. You are so amazing. I'm so happy that you and Anton are together.
I pray for Anton and all of you every evening.
From Russia with love :)
P.S. Sorry for mistake. I had already said that my English isn't good.

Ashley Gibson said...

I found your blog thru the little link up :) Glad I stumbled upon it, and excited to be following along! I followed Courtney's blog for a long time - does it feel like you've met a celebrity after spending time with her?! :)

Fun fact - Anton was our son's name in Ukraine. We changed it (because he didn't recognize it at ALL). His RR name was Antonio.

Praying for your family!