Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 4 with Baby A

I don't have any pictures from day 4 that don't have pictures of Baby A in them so there wont be any pictures in this post sorry.

I also wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who left comments telling us that over time Baby A will bond to us. We know it is going to be hard on him at first but we do know over time he will bond to us as his parents. We have taken online classes, read books, talked to our social worker and also talked to other adoptive families about ways to help him bond to us.

Lisa wanted to know how old Baby A is and I can't share his birthday but I can say he will turn 2 in January. Please feel free to ask us any questions you might have.

Here is our email from day 4 with Baby A!

Someone brought Baby A a little toy car for him to ride on and he LOVES it! Of course "Papa" pushed him around first then Jason got tired (we had to  bend all the way over to push him since there was no handle so it was pretty tiring) and then I got to push him around. Jason was laughing because I was pushing him so slow :) after a few minutes Baby A started looking around then found Jason and pointed at him and cried until Jason started pushing him. I tried to push him on his car several more times but he only wanted Jason to do it! I think it is so neat that he is already bonding so well with Jason. Jason says he didn't want me to push him because I was going too slow ha!

 I continue to play with him and make him laugh and let him bond with me at his own pace and I know over time it will happen. He is confused though because his Nanny is his Mama and now everyone is calling me his Mama so I know he is not really sure what is going on. 

Then we took a walk down to the bottom floor of the hospital where they had a HUGE Christmas tree and took pictures with Baby A, his nanny, our translator and us. Then something amazing happened his Nanny handed him to me standing up! It felt so amazing to hold my boy standing up. I LOVE him so so so much it was a great feeling to have him in my arms again! 

After we were done taking pictures we went back upstairs and Jason pushed his some more while he rode his car. After awhile his nanny sat him at his table and we played with his tractor and farm animals from Momo and Gramps. He loved playing with it and liked the animal sounds. 

Then he got fussy and was overstimulated so our translator decided it was a good time to go because we needed to head to the notary. We said bye and headed out. 

I really love his Nanny and I am so thankful he is surrounded with so much love! 

At the notary we were able to sign paperwork OFFICIALLY COMMITTING TO HIS ADOPTION!!!!!  I have waited for this day for so long it was such a HUGE blessing for it to finally get here! 

Our love for Baby A only continues to grow and we are so excited we are getting to spend so much time with him! 

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