Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day three with Baby A

I am going to post parts of the email I sent out to our family from day 3 and I will add more details at the end of this post :)

We got to the hospital at 11am and Baby A was happily playing in his chair at his little table. His Nanny had us sit in the little chairs beside him so we could play with him there. The whole time we were doing this I was a nervous wreck because I was afraid he was going to fall. Jason kept telling me Baby A was fine and I knew he was but I was still nervous. It was fun playing at the table with him but I was so glad when his nanny decided we should move on to something else. 

Baby A's Nanny loves Jason so everything we do she says "Papa walk Baby A around, Papa push Baby A in stroller." It is so funny and so sweet that she respects him so much. Today she had Jason hold onto Baby A's arms and help him walk around the hospital. I love watching Jason interact with Baby A, Jason loves him so much and he is getting more and more confidant as the days go on of how to handle Baby A. 

After the walk we went into Baby A's room for some hot tea (us not him) and his nanny put him in his bed so we could sit beside him and play (not while drinking tea of course). His nanny had left the room at this point so it was just us, Baby A and our translator. It was at this time I noticed Baby A wasn't interacting with us the same and I could tell he was getting upset. And then he lost it... He was looking everywhere for his Nanny and we could tell he was not going to stop crying until she came back. I wasn't really sure how to comfort him but I found a frog puppet and started playing pick a boo with the frog. Baby A soon calmed down and would try to hit the frog with Jason to make it disappear then I would bring it back out and they would hit it again. It was so cute. Then he lost it again but this time his doctor came in and took him to his Nanny. Which was good because that's who he wanted. 

She calmed him down and went back out to the little table to play with him. They told us to go out there too so we got some more play time in while he was comforted by his Nanny. We are so amazed by how much she loves him and by how well she takes care of him. She really tries to give us some good one on one time with him during our visits but sometimes he just wants her and we totally understand that. We want him to be happy not stressed out during our visits. 

His nanny then put him in his stroller and let "Papa" push him around the hospital which Baby A LOVED. Then Jason let me have a turn but Baby A was not having that he turned around saw me and started to cry until he found Jason. He pointed to Jason and cried until Jason started pushing him then he stopped crying and enjoyed the rest of his ride. It is so cute how much he loves Jason. He is already a "Daddy's" boy. I loved watching them walk around and around. 

Once he was done with his stroller ride it was time for his nap. Today we got to stay and watch her get him to sleep. She put him in the stroller and pushed it back and forth while singing a beautiful song to him. It made me cry watching her with him. She loves him so much and once we adopt him I know that she will mourn the "loss" of him as her child. I know that might sound strange but she has cared for him 24/7 for over a year. As far as he knows that is his Mama and he for all practical purposes he is her son. Today we (through our translator) spent some time telling her that we know that she is and will always be his first Mama and we know it is going to be so hard on her once we take him but we will always tell him about her and show him her pictures. She will always be a very special part of our family and we can see how much she loves him. We told her how thankful we were for everything she has done for him and we hoped to keep in touch with her once he is adopted so she can "watch" him grow up. She smiled really big and said "we just want you to love him as much as we do." And we reassured her that we did indeed love him just as much as everyone at the hospital does. 

I gave her a big hug before we left and she at first wasn't hugging me but then she gave me a big squeeze and hugged me some more. Then she decided we would all get dressed up tomorrow and take family pictures in front of the Christmas tree in the hospital. Us, Baby A and her :). I was so excited about this!

Once we got back to our host families house we decided to go to a little coffee shop/cafe and enjoyed some lunch and coffee. After that we came home and watched our host family's kids so they could go on a date. They have 2 boys that are Kenya and Judah's ages so playing with them really makes us miss our kids. We had a blast though building towers and knocking them down. 

There are coffee shops everywhere in Eastern Europe. We loved going to get a quick bite to eat and getting to enjoy some fancy coffee was also really fun!

My amazingly tasty chocolate "pancakes" and Jason's chocolate cake with prunes in it.

Jason and C enjoyed building a tower. 

Then Jason was left on his own to keep building...

while C watched ha

Not for long though because then it was time for C to destroy the tower haha

M joined in on the destroying the tower action.

And here is Baby M such a cutie!
I hope you are enjoying the updates. If y'all have any questions please feel free to ask and I will try to answer them as best as I can.


Anonymous said...

If you are allowed to answer how old is baby A? Blessings Lisa

Angela said...

I am so excited about your time with him! :-) I know it will take time, but when he is finally "home" with you guys, I know he'll adapt well. :-)


sveta said...

Do not worry. He will realize how much you love him and will love you too. Just at the beginning of his little life was a lot of betrayal, and he was alert. Love for you will go into his heart.

Liz said...

The trip home with A may be the hardest part, but once he gets here & realizes how much he's loved, he will adjust.