Thursday, December 29, 2011

Judah's loves....

When I was pregnant with Judah we were out shopping when Kenya spotted a bear wearing a dino costume.  She said, "Mommy can we get this for my baby brother?" (we waited until after Judah was born to find out if he was a boy or girl but she thought she knew for sure he was a boy) It was so sweet how could we say no??? Wita (Jason's Mom) bought it for her to give to her baby brother. Once Judah was born she gave that to him in the hospital

This is right after she gave it to him (see the bear right under Judah?) and decided no one else could hold her brother.
Here he is one day old with his bear.

The bear and Judah were always together.

My goal was to take a picture of the bear and Judah every month for Judah's first year of life... That only lasted for the first few months... my bad!

Judah at one month old.

Judah at 2 months old wearing my favorite P.J's he has ever owned.

 Judah eating his bear (yes he is unbuckled, we were at a drive through zoo thing so it was okay)

I wanted Judah to be attached to a blanket but I didn't want him to be attached to any one blanket so I gave him a different one as much as I could. Well this plan backfired because he became attached to a CHRISTMAS blanket. It is super cute DURING Christmas not in July when he HAS to have his blanket with Christmas trees all over it. I guess I really don't mind it so much anymore but it drove me nuts when it first happened. It bothered me so much (I don't know why I cared...) that I tried to get him attached to a different blanket which also backfired because now he is attached to his Christmas blanket, his bear blanket and his bear that Kenya gave him.

Here he is watching a movie with all of his loves!

When Judah gets hurt he runs over to me crying so I love on him then he gets down finds his blanket and comes back for more love. If he hits his head at all he has to have ice. He puts it on top of his head even if that's not where he hit it and just leaves it there.

He thought he needed his sister, ice, his bear and blanket this time :)

I walked into Judah's room and found the poor bear trapped in Judah's toddler bed. I thought it was a fluke but now it happens all the time. For some reason Judah loves to trap his bear.

poor bear... I can't help but laugh!

Here he is setting it free after nap time.

I never would have let Kenya be attached to anything but with Judah I think it's cute. It is amazing how parenting styles can change from one kid to the other. What are some things you have noticed changing in your parenting styles as you have added more kids to your family?

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