Monday, December 19, 2011


I am praising God and rejoicing more than words could ever express... OUR ADOPTION IS FULLY FUNDED! God is so amazingly faithful! Thank you to everyone who has supported us by praying for us and by donating to our adoption fund.

More exciting news WE GOT TO MEET BABY A!!!!!

We left our house at about 6am on November 26th to drive 4 hours away so we could fly out of Houston Airport. We have heard amazing things about Singapore Airlines and they were a lot cheaper then all the other airlines so we decided to drive there and back so that we could get a better price and a direct flight to Eastern Europe.

 We were so excited to start our long journey to get to meet our boy (I am wearing my seat belt even though for some strange reason it doesn't look like it).

Here we are getting ready for take off.

I loved getting to watch where our plane was at and see were we were headed. Singapore Airlines is AMAZING. They brought us a hot towel before every meal so we could wash up, they gave us a travel bag with socks, a tooth brush and tooth paste, earphones and we had TVs in front of our seats where we could watch movies, watch TV shows, learn other languages or play games! 

The food on the plane was really good too! 

We left on a Saturday at 2pm and got there on Sunday at 4pm. We went straight to our host families apartment and hung out with them for a few hours before bed. Our host family was so super sweet and we are so blessed they asked us to stay with them! I'm not sure if they want us to put their names on here so we will call them Mr. and Mrs. D. Mrs D cooked amazingly tasty meals every night in fact I was so inspired that once we got home I started cooking a lot more :) Mr. D had us cracking up the whole time and their boys are Kenya and Judah's ages so we had a lot of fun playing with them! 

I hope to do a post a day for everyday we were there. Tomorrow's post will be about our very first visit with Baby A!!! 


crystal said...

So excited for you guys!!!

Sarah said...

That's so exciting! We love Singapore Airlines! My husband left on the 11/27 flight out of Houston for trip 3 to pick up our daughter. He just missed you guys! Not that he'd know to look for you. Ha ha

I look forward to reading about your visit with your boy!

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Angela said...

That is SO wonderful!!!


Amy said...

Yay!! So excited to hear about your meeting!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very excited for you!!!

Ellen from Long Island