Wednesday, December 21, 2011

When do we get to bring Baby A home?

A few people have asked when will we get to bring Baby A home and the short answer is we have no clue and the long answer is below.

Our court dossier was submitted on December 6th which we are SUPER excited about. Now we are just waiting for a court date. We have been told we could get a court date anytime between now and the beginning of February.

We were really hoping for and praying for a court date this year because starting in January the 10 day wait after court has been moved to a 30 day wait. If we don't get to adopt him until next year we will fly in for court then after court is over we will come home to wait out the 30 days then go back to get him. During the 30 days you can't take the child with you so there really isn't any reason to wait it out there. I will fly back about a week before the 30 days is over to spend time with Baby A and try to help him bond to me before we bring him home.

That is all the information we have but hopefully we will get a court date soon. 

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