Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Delgados Under the Big Top

After only getting 3 hours of sleep, I must admit that I was not initially excited about the circus,...but it was a blast!

Yesterday, we showed up to the circus a hour early so the girls could ride some animals.
This included elephants, horses, and camels:

The fun was just beginning though!
Before the big show even started we made sure to get loaded up on sugar:

Then the show began. It had all the elements of a circus that you'd except and was full of different emotions and was overall a good time:

At intermission we thought Kenya would enjoy some face painting:
Anyone remember "Death Stare"?

Kenya eventually didn't mind it and (Destinee's friend) Danielle and Destinee joined in the face painting fun as well:
Then they had a live Burmese python put around them:
The 2nd half of the show was great too:

All in all the circus was a blast:
And wouldn't of happened without the grandparents (THANKS GRANDPARENTS):
You'll have to watch the 4 minute video below to get a better taste of the THRILLS, SPILLS, and,... well, you will just have to watch:


Anonymous said...

that looked fun!
i liked the Death Stare; the Mad Max Thunderdome motorcycles; what's up with the poodles? the last thing with the person in the box... that's how i sleep at wonder if have back problems : )

Stephanie Rohloff said...

So the death stare is classic! But the snake?? I am terrified of it sitting here at home on my computer. I seriously think it might jump up and eat me...I don't blame Destinee for the look! I agree! Yuck!