Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kenya broke out of her room

Kenya has been sleeping on her toddler mattress (which is on the floor) to get her ready for a big girl bed. Normally when she wakes up she knocks on the door and says, "Mommy come get you." Then I go get her, we have breakfast, ect...

But not this day,... she decided to open her door (which was the first time she had ever done that) go to the living room and decorate her self with a permanent marker. Yes permanent!

She only colored on herself no walls or anything else. She told me, "Look Mom, I paint the nails." I blame the grandmothers, who have been painting her nails lately, for this.

Just so you all know Huggies baby wipes take permanent marker right of.


momofmanysheep said...

What a doll! Two year olds are so much fun! I've gone through 5 of them!

We've been praying for your family and the twins here in SW MO.

the Shepard Family

Andrea & Jim-Britt said...

HAHAHA!! This is sooo great!! Thank you for sharing this story, Jim-Britt & I laughed, we know those days are coming!!

Jennifer said...

i love kenya's body art!!thats the best. love you and i wish i could be the first to say hi to the new little bambinas! any who i love you all and praying you they will be perfect in every way!!!