Thursday, October 30, 2008

Were Home

After a long 24 hours we are HOME!
Thank you all for your prayers and support we just got home and are tired, but happy that I was not in labor.

After we left the hospital we went by to see my doctor, he explained to us that the contractions are going to be normal from here on out. We have 6 pounds of babies in there (each one weighs about 3 pounds), my uterus is the size of a full term uterus and my amniotic fluid level is twice as high as it should be. So my body thinks it's full term and it's ready to deliver these babies.

I am not dilated so that is good news and the test to see how likely I am to go into preterm labor came back negative. So from what he could tell I'm not very likely to go into preterm labor in the next two weeks. After that they will do the preterm labor test again and see what it says. As long as I'm not dilated he is going to leave everything as it is. But if my cervix starts changing he is going to deliver. We will be seeing him every week from here on out.

Please be praying for my body that it would be able to hold these babies in there until I'm at least 36 weeks.

Please be praying for all the medical staff that God would give them wisdom in dealing with our care and if any of them don't know Him that they would repent of their sins and put their full trust in Jesus for their salvation.

Please be praying for our kids (Destinee and Kenya) that their hope would be in the Lord.

Please be praying for my sweet husband who has taken over everything so all I have to do is rest.

Please please be praying for Melody and Madison that the Lord's will would be done. That He would keep them in my womb and on this Earth as long as He sees fit.

And most of all pray that God will be glorified through our sweet babies lives!

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