Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Day

We started Christmas morning by reading about the Incarnation of Jesus from the Bible and we sang a few hymns. After we were done Jason told the kids how every good and perfect gift comes from God and since God gave us the greatest gift of all (His Son Jesus) we also want to give good gifts to others so lets give gifts to our grandparents. They ran over and got the gifts for Papa T and Wita and were so excited to watch them open their gifts.

Softest towels EVER. We put a few aside for Baby A.

Kenya had so much fun opening her gifts.

Once Judah figured out how his pez dispenser worked he was pretty much done opening gifts and just wanted to eat the candy.

We take Kenya to the Dollar Store every year and let her pick out gifts for her family. This year Wita took her and this is what she got for Papa T.
Papa T rocking out on the drums and Jason setting up Judah's computer. I have got to video it but Judah gets email (you pre-program it to send emails to him) and now he yells "EMAIL, HI JUDAH..." that is what it says when he gets an email and he has it down. It is so funny. Thanks Papa T and Wita he loves his computer.

Then we went to Momo and Gramp's house for our Christmas celebration. The kid were so excited to open more gifts. My Mom got Judah the coolest Toy Story game if you have toddlers-preschool aged kids they will LOVE this. HERE is the link. They can play several different games with it like hide and go seek and one of the games they have to find whichever character Woody calls out. Kenya and Judah both LOVE to play with that toy!

My Mom also got Shrinky Dinks for Kenya. They are plastic designs that you color (Kenya's were horses) then you bake them in the oven for three minutes and they shrink down to a little tiny size. They are so cute. Kenya has spent a lot of time coloring and baking hers.

We were so blessed this year by how many of our family members got gifts for Baby A. He got an ExerSaucer, books, a soft car, soft blocks, 2 tubs of aquphor, a blanket and pillow set that is super soft, a super soft pillow pet, a gift card to Target from his friend Sydney and a hand made ornament. It was so neat to see our family and  friends include Baby A this Christmas!

After all of this we went to church and our kids passed out :) Our Pastor taught on the birth of Christ and it was a great message. You can listen to it HERE!

I hope you all had a very blessed Christmas.

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