Friday, January 13, 2012

Flash Back Friday - Duct Tape Night

After Jason and I got married we started helping out with the youth group at the church we use to go to. Our friend Chris was the youth leader and he was PERFECT for the job! He taught them the Bible and wasn't afraid to talk about doctrine with them but he also knew how to plan a super fun youth night. One of my favorites was Duct Tape Night. We all had to create costumes using duct tape.

Jason was a punk rocker and I was a ladybug.

This is Chris the youth leader.

American Flag.

Love Gabe's outfit.

Sara (Chris' wife) and me :)

We played a game where we had to tape someone to the wall and see which kid would stay up the longest.


We used a TON of duct tape to get them to stay on the wall.

If I remember right our team WON!

and the losing team.
This was such a fun night... oh to be young again, ha! :)


Jason D. said...

Ya, we may have been declared the losing team, but if memory serves... WE DIDN'T CHEAT LIKE Y'ALL DID! :P

Jason and Vanessa said...

Sore loser ha

SojourningAround said...

Amazing. LOL
And I love your description of Chris as a youth pastor...
"Perfect" pretty much sums it up.