Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day trip to Austin.

I needed to get some paperwork apostilled a few weeks ago so I decided to take BOTH kids on a road trip to Austin to get it done. We got there around lunch time so Uncle Toe Toe and his girlfriend  "Tiff Tiff" met us for lunch at Chuck E Cheese. I'm thinking my Mom must have taken Judah a few times while we were in Eastern Europe because as soon as we pulled up he yelled "CHUCK E!" It was so cute.

Judah was really excited to be there but I am starting to think he hates having his picture taken.

Kenya had fun riding this flying bike thing.

Kenya was so funny during lunch she felt the need to hold Tiff Tiff's hand the whole time.

We all got a good laugh out of that one.

Judah kickin it with Barney.

It is a four hour drive there and of course four hours back but as we were almost home we passed a church doing a live nativity so we of course had to stop. It was raining a little bit but it was so neat to watch. I was able to stop and just reflect on the fact that it really happened. Of course I know that it happened but I think I take it for granted sometimes so it was neat to just stop and thank God for sending His son to the Earth for sinners. God is so amazing and faithful to save sinners through repentance and faith in Jesus.

The kids LOVED getting to see it. 

They even got to pet some of the animals before we left.

It was a really neat road trip with the kids but I sure am glad all the paperwork for the dossier is DONE. Now if I can just fill out our visa applications and our embassy paperwork we will be good to go :)

Oh and on a side note an insurance agency called me today and wanted to try to compete for our business and I said "we are in the process of adopting so I CAN'T bare the thought of doing more paperwork, you can try back in a few months though..."

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