Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My sweet friend Shannon

 Today is Shannon's birthday so I wanted to say a big huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet friend Shannon. I love you and your family very much. Your friendship means the world to me!

Shannon and I have been friends for well over 10 years. We have grown closer and closer over the years and I so enjoy her company. We now trade kids once a week so the other one can have a break and get stuff done. Sadly that will be coming to an end soon because she will be having baby number four (one of their babies is with Jesus) and we will be getting Baby A. I will enjoy it while it lasts though.

She asked my to take their family pictures a few weeks ago and I of course said yes. I just want to say I am NOT a photographer and I don't want to be. I enjoy taking pictures of my family and of course I enjoy taking pictures of my friends if they ask but I by no means want to do it professionally. If you want an amazing family photographer or someone to take amazing new born photos contact Michelle Monk or if you want amazing birth photography contact Keri Duckett. Okay now that we got that out of they way here is my friend Shannon and her super cute family.

Jadyn, Shannon and Baby Sapp, Jay and Eli.

Love these two peeps... no three peeps (as she is pregnant) :)

I really like how this picture turned out.

She was "hugging" him... poor boy!

Eli's expression cracks me up!

Shannon is such a sweet Mama.

This is one loved baby!

Shannon and Jay are waiting to find out if the baby is a boy or girl. Let me just say this is driving me nuts. I know we did this with two of our pregnancy's but man it's hard for me not knowing what they are having.

The plan is for me to be in the room when this baby is born (as long as were not in Eastern Europe) and I can't wait to cheer my friend on as she has her first natural delivery!

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