Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dallas World Aquarium

We took Marisa, Kenya, Natalie and Judah to the Dallas World Aquarium on Saturday and we had a blast. It is basically a HUGE indoor zoo/aquarium.

This is is a giant anteater and was one of Judah's favorite animals there. Every time it would come by the glass he would scream with delight.

Marisa and Natalie were waiting to feed blueberries to some birds.

I was shocked that Kenya wanted to do it too. She is normally scared of things like this but she did great!
Jason, Judah, Natalie, Marisa and Kenya checking out the sting rays.

Judah also loved the giant otters.
This lizard was creepy but cool. Not sure what the kids are looking at cause it is right below Kenya ha.

One of my favorite parts was this viewing area where the manatee would swim right up to the glass.

I thought Kenya was so cute trying to play with this turtle.

The highlight of Judah's day was finding Nemo. He yelled as loud as he could "NEMO, NEMO, NEMO!!!!"

I loved the design on this fishes face.


and Marisa chillin with the penguins!

Here we are with our kids :)

This was a super cool tunnel that you could walk through and see the SHARKS!!!

Kenya loved getting to spend the day at the aquarium and has decided (after watching Dolphin Tales) that she wants to be a marine biologist. 

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Teri said...

Love the pics! Had to laugh at Kenya wanting to be a marine biologist. That was my daughter's dream all the way thru college-she loved dolphins! Now she is in vet. school. Keep it up Kenya!