Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 4 (2nd trip)

Hello again! Jason and I are still doing great! We got to the hospital at 11am today and Baby A was sleeping and still not feeling well. His nanny told us we could go in his room but told us to be really quiet because he hadn't been sleeping well. We were very tired but as soon as we sat down he saw me and started screaming. I tried to push his stroller and get him back to sleep but he was having no part of that. His nanny came and got him and walked around with him for a little while. He was not happy at all. She fed him lunch and treated some blisters he had and he was still miserable. We knew he wasn't going to really enjoy company toady so we were prepared to just sit and stare at our sweet boy again but about an hour after we got there he was ready for company. I pushed him in his stroller for a long time and told him all about what was to come. I told him we were going to be adopting him, I told him about the plane ride home, I told him to make sure he loves on his nanny because she is going to miss him, I sang songs to him then I shared Psalm 139 with him. As I was telling him what that verse said I started to cry and I could hardly get the words out. I told him how special he is and how much we love him. I told him that his life might not always be easy but God is so so faithful. My prayer is that he will always know how special he is and I pray he uses his life for God's glory. 

Then they wanted to serve us lunch which was super sweet. We had some kind of soup which was really good then they brought us what they called lazy stuffed cabbage and bread. It was so sweet that they wanted to feed us! After lunch we went out of his room and Baby A was playing on his car. We sat on the floor and played with him for a about an hour. He loved getting to move around using his car. He would come see me and check out the video camera then he would go see Jason and they would play. I really think he is starting to like me more which is so exciting! His nanny walked through where we were playing several times and he never cried or wanted to stop playing. Today was our best visit with him and I hope tomorrow goes just as good! We took his pictures for his passport today!!!! We did it at the hospital so I hope we took some they can use. We are not bringing him home yet but I guess they start getting things together early. Our visit lasted for about 4 hours today!!!

After we left the hospital we went to the Flea Market. It was so neat, the buildings in Eastern Europe are amazing all of them are so beautiful even at the flea market. We had a really good and kinda crazy time there. Jason had some fresh roasted meat and yummy bread. I enjoyed a few bites of his but wasn't too hungry so I didn't get my own. 

Today was a fun and crazy day and I am looking forward to tomorrow. 


Joyful Noise for a Joyful Life said...

I am so loving following your journey as you bond with your son. It brings back so many memories. God is with you and my prayers are too.

Liz said...

SO glad you had a good visit today!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your updates!! So many good things are happening for you.