Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Eve

We went to my sisters house for about an hour Christmas Eve and exchanged gifts with the kids. I am so bummed out I didn't get any pictures. I am so excited my sister, brother in law and nephews live right next door to us. They moved here from Tennessee a few months ago and I am soooo excited to have them live so close to us. I missed so much of the boys growing up but I am so excited to make up the time now.

Saturday afternoon we (our family and Jason's parents) headed to Jason's Aunt Ana and Uncle Dan's house. Aunt Ana always has such neat things planned to make great memories with the kids.

This was the DREADED ginger bread house. I know I just said great memories but this thing was almost impossible to put together.

Here are the happy ginger bread house makers before the hard work began.

And here is whose left after they realized they couldn't get the walls to stay up. 
Aunt Ana is brilliant though and used string to hold it together ha.

Judah is not impressed he just wants to eat the candy.

Kenya had a blast making this house even though she looks mad here :)

Haha what a pose!

Aunt Ana promised snow and oh boy did she deliver. She got instant snow at the Christmas Tree store and all you have to do is add water. It was so much fun to play with snow on Christmas Eve!

Snow Ball fight!

Watch out she will get you.

Remember how Kenya doesn't like to get wet??? Well she doesn't like snow either apparently. Judah loved it though.

I thought this was cute but didn't think he would throw it at me.

boy was I wrong!

Kenya and I have been talking a lot about people in other countries that don't have enough money for food. I told her that her Uncle Dan collects money for Penny Manna and they help feed kids who don't get to eat. She started collecting her money to give to her uncle Dan as soon as she found out she could help. I wasn't sure if she was going to go through with it but Christmas Eve she asked me if I brought her purse, I gave it to her and she took it right to her Uncle Dan. She handed it to him and he said, "what is this?" She said, "It's yours." He said, "No, it's yours." She said, "No, it's yours to feed the kids." It was so sweet and I was so proud of her. She put all of her change in the Penny Manna jar then she pulled out all of her dollars which I didn't know she was going to do. Uncle Dan told her to keep those for herself but she said, "No, I want to give it for the kids to eat." I started crying because at the tender age of 5 she has more compassion than most adults (including me sometimes). I sure do love this girl and I was so proud of her!

That night we went to the candle light service at their church. It was such a great reminder to keep our eyes on Christ during the busy Christmas season. Both of the kids fell asleep and slept through the whole service.

Judah, Wita, Papa T and Kenya :)

Our family. I can't wait until Baby A is in this picture next year!

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Liz said...

That Instant Snow looks so cool! And I love Kenya's heart!!! Sweet baby girl!