Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Day +160 Anton is doing pretty good. He still isn't feeling great and doesn't have much energy. He has ecoli in his gut, they aren't sure if it is an active infection or not but are treating it since he is still having fevers. So far everything from the lumbar puncture has come back negative. The viral studies they are running will take a few days to come back. Wita stayed with Anton last night so I could come back to RMH for the night to spend time with Jason, Kenya, and Judah. I can't remember the last time I stayed the night here, I'm guessing it's been about a month. We took the kids to the movies last night and had a blast with them their last day before school starts! Today was Kenya, and Judah's first day of school at RMH, they were so excited about going today! I will keep y'all updated! - September 02, 2015 at 09:40AM

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