Thursday, September 17, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Day +175 Jason and I both stayed the night (well I guess it was night/morning) at the hosptial. I couldn't sleep so I have been awake since yesterday morning (well in actually think I slept for about 20 minutes last night). I will have to take a picture of rounds tomorrow morning because it is insane how many doctors, pharmacist, and medical staff are involved when someone is in the ICU. I didn't want to go in the halls at first to be a part of rounds because it was a lot of people but I finally went out there and I was glad I did. I got to hear everyone's plans and I even got to talk a little. Dr. Wagner is on service for BMT right now which I am so excited about. He is one of the EB specialists and is just a great doctor. I got to talk to him about Anton's skin and he shared with me some different theories he had about why his skin is seeming more fraigle lately (not a lot more just a little more). He also thinks Anton might have gvh and that is why he has fevers. They will do a GI scope tomorrow in Anton's room to get biopsies and tests for graft versus host disease. They have been able to turn Anton's oxygen down from 65% oxygen to 45% oxygen, they also turned the pressure from 12 liters to 8 and he is tolerating that nicely. He only has trouble when we change his diaper, or if he throws up but he always recovers after a few minutes. Anton didn't wake up until around 11:30am and he was in the best mood and was happy as could be. It was fun to get to have a conversation with him again. We did dressing change around 12:30pm, Dr. Wagner, and Dr. Will were both in here for that so they could see his skin. He fell asleep again around 1:30pm and slept until 6pm, he is back asleep at 7:30pm and I'm sure will be asleep for the night. I'm about to crash out too. Anton being in the ICU isn't a complication of transplant but a direct result of him throwing up then aspraiting on it. Him throwing up blood unfortunately is part of his having EB. He is affected internally as well as externally so he most likely got a blister in his throat and once it popped he threw up blood. He got a blood transfusion today. He is still stable but not out of the woods yet. Sorry if none if that made since I'm soooooo tired. - September 17, 2015 at 07:38PM

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