Thursday, September 17, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Day +175 Anton was transfered to the pediatric intensive care unit. Just wanted to let y'all know before you start reading this post Anton is in stable condition. Last night around 11pm Anton started throwing up while he was flat on his back sleeping, he threw up quite a bit before I could get to him. Once I got to him, I sat him up and he started throwing up blood, and blood was pouring out of his nose. I called the nurse (Natalie, awesome nurse) who ran in there, she got the charge nurse (Kendall, Anton's BFF), and the doctor (Kate, who we love). He threw up quite a bit of blood but stopped as quickly as he started. We had a shift change right after this and our new nurse Jenny was a rock star and took such great care of Anton. Once Anton was done throwing up and we got his wraps changed Anton looked at Kendall and said "can you read me a bedtime story please?" It was the sweetest thing ever and of course Kendall read to him. Kate ordered platelets (Anton's first ever platelet transfusion), tons of bloodwork, an X-ray of his chest, and she stayed in the room to watch him closely. Within about 20 minutes Anton was breathing around 100 breaths a minute and was having a hard time breathing on his own. His oxygen levels were in the low 90s and dropping. They put him on oxygen in the room but as time went on he was needing more and more help. They called respiratory therapy who came in and put Anton on high flow oxygen. He ended up maxing out the support they could give him on the BMT floor and still needed help breathing. I had been calling and texting Jason to keep him updated throughout all of this. I also asked Jenny (our nurse) to let me know when it was time to start stressing. It was at this point in the night when his oxygen levels were dropping and not recovering that she said okay it's time to start worrying, this is also when they told me to call Jason to come up to the hosptial. A friend at RMH let Kenya and Judah stay the night in their room and Jason stayed the night at the hosptial with me. Anton was stating (oxygen) in the mid to high 80s and was not recovering, this is when they started talking about intabaiting him. Anton finally got stable around 5am (remember all of this started at 11pm, so we were going on 6 hours of craizness) actually right before we left the room to come to the picu his oxygen levels were looking better. The next step if he didn't stabilize was going to be to intubate him. I am so thankful it didn't come to that. It is still a possiably (if he starts struggling again and not recovering) but Anton has done better on the high flow oxygen since around 5am. They dropped him down to 10 liters of oxygen this morning and he is still doing good. I am so thankful we were in the hospital when all of this happened. He might not have made it if we had been outpatient. God is faithful and even in the darkest, hardest, and scariest of places he is ever present. I was completely calm the whole time (I did cry a little when I called Jason and said they might intubate him). I just did what had to be done to take care of Anton and didn't think too much about what was actually happening. I am so thankful for our BMT and PICU team, they all did an amazing job with Anton! Anton will be in the PICU ( pediatric intensive care unit) for at least one day (could end up being more) so they can watch his breathing and make sure he isn't getting worse. He is stable though so I'm thankful for that as well! I will keep y'all updated. - September 17, 2015 at 09:19AM

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