Friday, September 4, 2015

Facebook update [pic] from Help Anton

Day +162 Day 49 of this hospital stay. Yesterday was an okay day. Anton finally got some energy around 5pm so we went to find Kendall. We hung out with Kendall for a bit then came back to our room to do dressing change. Anton still has no new blisters and no new wounds! GI came in yesterday and said they think Anton's stomach is moving things through very slowly or maybe not moving them through at all. They started a motility drug to get things moving and started feeds at 1 ml an hour. Anton has thrown up several times today and doesn't seem to be handling that tiny amount on his stomach. He has been in a ton of pain today because of his stomach. Dr. Tolar came in (he is in clinic on Fridays so he comes to the BMT floor to check on his kiddos) and we told him what was going on. He asked Anton want Anton thought we should do about it and Anton said "stop feeding me" Tolar agreed so we turned off Anton's feeds and vented his g-tube. I love that Tolar actually asks Anton what he wants to do and actually listens to him. He is such a great doctor. Anton has been pretty miserable today but I'm hoping now that we have stopped the feeds he will start improving. He is still getting high fevers, throwing up, and still has diarrhea. It has been a hard few weeks on the little guy. I will keep y'all updated. via Help Anton September 04, 2015 at 02:05PM

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