Monday, September 14, 2015

Facebook update [pic] from Help Anton

Day +172 Anton did great for his swallow study and he can still have necter thick liquids. We just have to give him smaller amounts. Anton is still having fevers with the highest one getting to 105.1. He has been VERY tired for the past 4 days and has been asleep more than awake. We started feeding him 15 mls every 2 hours and just pushing it with a syringe. He has done great with this. We are going to try to feed him through the night tonight so we shall see how he does. He is still grumpy and doesn't have much energy. We have started rounding (talking about his care and treatment plan) in the hall so his doctors can just come in his room and play with or talk to him. This has helped a ton and he has stopped throwing up when they come in the room. He is still being dramatic but at least he stopped throwing up! He had an echo of his heart today to check for infection. We haven't gotten the results back yet. I think that's it. via Help Anton September 14, 2015 at 05:10PM

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Cherbos said...

I have been super busy, so I had not checked your blog for a little bit, and I was so sad to see that Anton is having such a rough time! I have metastatic breast cancer, and before I was diagnosed with that, I developed asthma as an adult at 19. So, I have some hospital stays under my belt. Nothing like Anton of course, but I can understand a small portion of what he is going through. I read your blog entries many times, thinking of how he is probably making himself throw up in order to protest a nurse or doctor coming into the room? Or just to have some sort of control over this awful situation he has been in? But, I also had a memory pop into my chemo brain. With the sudden onset of asthma, I was put on large doses of steroids. I developed all kinds of side effects of course, but for me the worst part was the change in my mood. I had nightmares, I became very anxious at the smallest of things, I became antsy, and even hyper. But I was stuck in a hospital bed, so all of that made me a complete basket-case. I do not know if Anton has had steroids or not, I just assumed from reading some about bone marrow transplants. I just thought I would relay this to you in case he is on steroids and if he is experiencing some of the side effects. And one more thing I considered. When I was on massive antibiotics, and steroids, I ended up with a severe case of thrush in my mouth. It was so painful, but I was never checked for it, as I guess I had bigger things going on with me at the time. So, one day, I asked the doctor what this thick white stuff was on my tongue. It made eating difficult, I could not taste anything, and it made me very nauseous too. The doctor prescribed something for it, and it helped get rid of it. Are they checking Anton for thrush and yeast infections? I am sure you are aware of all of this, but I just felt the need to tell you how all those antibiotics kill all the good bacteria, and yeast thrives under those conditions. I wish I could do more to help Anton, and your family get through this difficult time. I am praying that Anton stops having the fevers, is able to start eating again, keeps growing that tougher skin that does not break so easily, has less anxiety, gets more energy, and heals from top to bottom, so you all can bust outta there!