Saturday, September 5, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Day +163 Day 50 of this hospital stay Anton's stomach still hurts but after talking to one of his doctors, and one of his nurses yesterday we are thinking some of the issues he is having are behavioral. For instance Anton will be super mellow and watching cartoons until a nurse or doctor walks in then he starts getting super worked up, asking for drinks then eventually throwing up while they are in here. After talking to his doctor and nurse I realized he was only throwing up if someone extra was in the room. If he has to throw up he starts yelling but is able to wait until I get a cup and get over to him. At this point it seems like he has learned how to make himself throw up. This is something we are working on. We are also working on him acting the same no matter who is in here. For instance I was reading him a book today and he was so relaxed then his nurse walked in and he started whining and being super needy, I told him he wasnt acting like that before she walked in the room so he needed to take a breath and calm down, and he did. Then the doctors walked in and the same thing happened, he started whining, and begging for drink, then by the time they were ready to leave he was yelling that he needed to throw up. I told him to take a breath and that we were going to read a book and guess what? He didn't throw up. I do think his stomach is hurting and hurting a lot so they are still working on that. And he is still having high fevers. One other thing they have changed is to take him off of all his antibiotics except for one so we can see how his body reacts. I think we have been here for so long with such high fevers we are on this cycle of trying to control the fevers with antibiotics even though they aren't helping. I'm curious to see if his health stays the same, improves, or gets worse with this. So far it is about the same. We are also going to start taking him off of his anti-nausea meds. If he is on them for too long they can actually do the opposite of what they are suppose to do. Sounds like a crazy plan but I'm actually excited about it! Today Anton crawled around his whole bed without his left leg being wrapped. Once he was done I was a little worried that it would make a blister or he would lose skin but he didn't! His leg looks great and the skin is so much tougher than it was before transplant! Then we practiced standing in the bed, and after that we went for a little walk in the hall. He walked to the play room while I held him up. He had to take a few breaks but did so good. Hoping to do more everyday and get him back to being able to do a whole lap around the halls. I'm hopeful these changes will bring improvement. - September 05, 2015 at 02:16PM

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